Wholesale Baja Hoodies Mexican Threads™

Wholesale Baja Hoodies

You can find the famous Molina baja hoodies wholesale at MexicanThreads.com.

The oaxaca artesanias mr molina baja hoodie is a high end pullover sweatshirt that is only found online at Mexican Threads. They have a soft brushed fleece like inside and are not itchy like some of the super cheap ones you might come across in other places.  They are also known as drug rug sweatshirts but their real name is a baja.

artesanias mr molina baja hoodie wholesale

The Mr. Lopez and Senor Molina combo at Mexican Threads™ is like no other.

baja hoodie wholesale mr lopez senor molina

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Baja Hoodie Drug Rugs

The most popular baja hoodie drug rugs are sold online at MexicanThreads.com and Hippies.com.

baja hoodie drug rugs hippie

The drug rugs are more popular right now than they have been since the 70’s. They aren’t just for hippies anymore! Check out the selection of baja hoodies here.

mexican baja hoodie drug rugs

If you want a legit baja joe hoodie or earth ragz poncho you have to visit Mexican Threads or Hippies.com.

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Baja Hoodies Women

The baja hoodies women section at MexicanThreads.com has a wide assortment of the more girly colors offered for drug rugs. You can find the baja joe hoodie exclusively at Mexican Threads as well as many other colors and styles to choose from.
baja hoodies womenred womens baja hoodie
drug rug blanket hoodiedrug rug sweatshirt girl

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Drug Rug Hoodies by Mexican Threads™

Here at the Earth Ragz network we let you know the best place to buy baja hoodies but not everyone calls them by the same name. Did you know that due to the large influence of skaters, surfers and hippies that these drug rug hoodies for sale at MexicanThreads.com are known as stoner jackets and even Mexican poncho sweatshirts?
The Mexican Threads baja hoodies are the best in the business and the only website to offer FREE SHIPPING on every single baja that they ship.
drug rug hoodie
One more name they have is a baja pullover.
baja pullover

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Buy Mexican Threads™ Baja Hoodies

Buy baja hoodies online at MexicanThreads.com where they have the largest selection of drug rugs. Mexican Threads™ has been the best online hippie shop for Mexican bajas since 2009 and they ship all over the world. Shipping is fast and free to the United States.
buy baja hoodies online
They are often called drug rug hoodies.
drug rug hoodie

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Earth Ragz Poncho

The earth ragz poncho is usually referred to as an earth ragz baja hoodie and can be purchased online at Mexican Threads who is a major distributor of the Earth Ragz brand and where they ship for free!

Buy Earth Ragz Baja Hoodies at MexicanThreads.com.

Looking to purchase baja hoodies wholesale? See our wholesale page at Mexican Threads.

What is an earth ragz poncho? Well, it’s not exactly a normal traditional mexican poncho that you might see in the heart of Mexico. It is actually a hooded sweater called an earth ragz baja hoodie. It is a great piece of Mexican clothes that can be found here. Many people refer to them as hippie hoodies or drug rugs but they are all talking about the same thing. They are made from recycled fibers apparel and we also carry blankets but lets focus on our baja shirts.

Only 2 sites offer free shipping on Mexican baja hoodies and they are us and Mexican Threads. You can find easily that we have some of the best looking and most stylish baja pullovers on the internet that you will ever come across. The original senor lopez poncho is not the same brand it is a completely different hoodie just to clear any confusion.

So when do you wear a baja hoodie?

The best place to sport a sweet mexican sweater would be just about anywhere. Looking for something to wear while you are warming up doing exercises or going to the beach? This is the perfect sweater. They fit loose so it’s always best to buy up a size so it will be baggy even if you have other layers on. There are other stylish mexican clothes as well such as the Mexican dress and the embroidered peasant blouse. We will carry all types of traditional mexican clothing in the future but for right now we are focused on providing the highest quality baja pullover hoodies on the market.

We even have the rasta hoodie, the rasta colors are green, black, red and yellow. They are famous among Bob Marley fans and the rasta sweatshirt can be found here at the best price you will find it on the internet. It is a hard one to find, so consider yourself lucky if you showed up here.

Check out more about drug rug hoodies:
drug rug hoodie

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Earth Ragz Baja Pullover

The earth ragz baja pullover hoodie is also known as a drug rug or Mexican baja sweater. They are found online at Mexican Threads where they ship for free!

Here at EarthRagz.net we offer baja hoodies through MexicanThreads.com that are made from recycled materials so you can help protect the environment while dressing in style. Our selection of baja pullover hoodies is unmatched by any other company. All of our products are made in Mexico and we can provide you with the best prices because we manufacture our own product.

If you are looking for Mexican sweaters we have either striped or solid color Mexican hoodies. Our prices are very low and we are running a special right now that includes free shipping on all of the hoodies on our site. This will not last forever so take advantage of it while it lasts.

Our sizes range from small, medium, large, XL, and XXL. The XXL go up in price because of how much more material we have to use to make them. If you are interested in ordering wholesale please be aware that we have a $150 dollar minimum purchase order requirement. Contact us for more details on wholesale pricing.

We are the leading brand of baja shirts in the world. We have superior quality than the original senor lopez baja poncho pullover. We offer a different fabric than some of our competitors. Our sweatshirts are made of a cotton/polyester/acrylic blend. This is a little different than other sites that have different fabrics.

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Earth Ragz Baja Hoodie

Looking for the earth ragz baja hoodie? Look no further than MexicanThreads.com

It’s time to get into style with a sweet earth ragz baja hoodie. We are your place to get any of the colors made in any size that we offer. We have everything here, why go somewhere else to get one of our hoodies when they will just charge you more? We offer the best prices because we can.

Looking for wholesale earth ragz baja pullovers? We have them as well. We have a minimum purchase requirement of $150 dollars to get the wholesale pricing. We look forward to hearing from you if you are interested in selling Mexican sweaters on a site or in a store.

There are many colors and sizes to choose from here. We have small to XXL hoodies and many different colors. Our baja shirts are made of recycled materials and help keep waste out of land fields. So help keep the earth clean while dressing in style. This is traditional mexican clothing at it’s finest. So what are you waiting on? We keep a lot in stock and we get more in each week. Check out all of our inventory and enjoy our products.
Sometimes people may refer to them drug rug hoodies as well.
drug rug hoodies

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